Single Registration Applications are used to apply for United Canine Association registration in the following situations:   
A. Dogs which are currently registered with another recognized kennel club may be dual registered with the United Canine Association by completing our UCA Single Registration Application.

B. Purebred dogs which have lost their previous registration history may re-establish registration by completing the UCA Single Registration Application and providing the required photos and pedigree information.

An official United Canine Association (UCA) certified registration certificate that among other things identifies you as the owner on record will be issued and mailed to you upon the approval and completion of the registration of your dog.

For individuals that want a personal and unique touch on their dog’s registration papers, we offer the UCA registration certificate with a photo of your special dog.

If you choose this service, your dog will be registered in the same manner as described for the Single Dog Registration.

In addition, your dog’s own picture will be included on the official certified United Canine Association registration certificate. 
The United Canine Association Photo Registration Certificate also provides a valuable from of identification in the case of theft or if your canine companion is lost and can aid in recovery and show proof of ownership.

Please supply a high quality photo for this service.​